“Sing We Now of Christmas” is available in two formats:
as a full chorus CD or as any 1 of 4 unique rehearsal CD’s.
(the rehearsal CD’s include a beautiful large-type Music Book)

Each vocal part was meticulously recorded to give you an
upfront, intimate experience that is usually not found with
Christmas Carols on the market. You will swear that the
vocalists are actually in the room with you! The harmonies
are original and are designed to appeal to a wide audience.
This is not the often impossible range of notes arranged for
operatic talent. These keys are for you and me, people
who love to sing!

Naturally, if you just wish to listen to the acapella chamber
group version, you could simply purchase the “Sing We Now
of Christmas” CD. The sound is superb and vibrant. It will make
your Christmas more intimate and give your season a warmth
you didn’t even know you were missing. But what if you wish
to join in the singing? See the rehearsal CD’s on the Products page.